You’re a bad B…

but don’t send a bad pitch

Get a customized media hotlist created for you by us so your pitch lands in the right hands and makes you headlines

Have you made one of these PR mistakes?

  • Sending the same pitch to several reporters at once
  • Sending a pitch to a reporter who no longer works for that publication
  • Sending a pitch to a reporter who is unlikely to cover your industry or business focus

It’s ok. It happens every. single. day.

That’s why, if you have the right list of reporters to send your pitch to, you’re already one step ahead of the rest.

One of the best ways to ensure you’re successful in your PR efforts is to be sure you’re sending your pitch to the right people.

What if you could get a customized list of reporters most likely to cover your specific industry?

Generic won’t do. 

Cut and paste isn’t going to cut it this time. (see what we did there?) 

You need a media hot list as well-researched as your pitch. 

And who better to craft that list than a PR agency that does this for six- and seven-figure business owners every single day?

We believe in the power of growing your brand’s visibility through PR. We want to help you do the same for your business because representation matters in the media and we are dedicated to helping more underrepresented leaders get featured in the news. 

For $750, we’ll pull you a customized media hot list of up to 50 reporters who are most likely to cover you and your industry.

Here’s How it Works:

1. Purchase the Hotlist

2. Complete the intake form

3. Book your 30 minute consult call with one of our publicists.

4. Within one week, you’ll receive a customized list of reporters most likely to cover your industry plus guidelines on how to craft your pitch so it’s more likely to get picked up.

5. During the 30 minute call one of our publicists will walk you through how to use your list.

“You ladies are brilliant! Your deep understanding of politics has made this process so seamless. You did a really fantastic job.”

Senator Mona Das,

Washington State Senate

Caitlin and the team at Full Swing PR are creative and critical problem solvers and strategic thinkers. I have never hesitated recommending them to business partners and associates.”

Christina Barsky,

Associate Professor of Public Affairs at The University of Montana and independent campaign consultant

“This is the single best investment you can make this year. I have no clue how I would have gotten my launches together without Full Swing PR. It’s the perfect solution for business owners at every level but especially solopreneurs. Holly offered such amazing, in-depth expertise and coaching.”

Jordan Maney,

San Francisco