Nothing lights my fire like a female entrepreneur who has put their blood, sweat, and soul into an idea or a product that helps solve a problem or meets the need of an underserved community. The bravery, creativity, and determination of female leaders are what inspired me to start Full Swing Public Relations almost six months ago—and working with many of them gives me that extra boost of encouragement to keep chasing my business and personal goals. Here’s a roundup of four female-led businesses that I’m extra excited about right now.


You’d have thought I met an A-list celeb from my excitement when I sat down with Ambika Singh, founder, and CEO of Armoire, a wardrobe renting service tailored specifically for the BSSLDY—and a new client of Full Swing. I fell in love with Armoire months ago, not long after I Marie Kondo-ed my house. For a monthly fee, you get a virtual closet selected for you based on your style and fit preferences, and you can keep items as long as you want and even buy them. All items are meant for the modern working woman who is kicking ass at work and in her social life—just like the almost all-female staff at Armoire. Their motto: “Go conquer the world—we’ll make sure you look damn good doing it.”


Speaking of helping your own community, Full Swing client MyVillage aims to do just that starting with parents in Montana and Colorado. Frustrated with the price and scarcity of quality daycare options for their little ones moms and serial entrepreneurs Erica and Beth founded MyVillage and set out to build a community of in-home childcare that focuses on quality care and early education for children 0-5 years old. The startup closed the largest seed round in Montana history last April, and this month, they are giving away a year of free childcare to one deserving Colorado family through a video contest. Learn more on how to enter for their video contest here


Another super-mom duo start-up that came across my radar when I attended Alt Summit last spring is Slumberkins. This company uses stories and snuggly toys that help parents and caregivers teach emotional life skills to babies and toddlers. From The Self-Esteem Collection to Slumber Sloth and the Growth Mindset, you can find a toolset that will help your little explore and grow their emotional intelligence in all different situations. 

Zume Pizza

Lastly, learning about this female-entrepreneur left me heart-eyed and jaw-dropped after learning how she turned the regular routine of ordering pizza into an automated mobile delivery service that’s affordable and made with the freshest ingredients. Located in the Bay Area, where ordering anything out is expensive to boot, Zume Pizza took the storefront out of the equation and instead uses food trucks and robots to deliver fresh, hot pizza to your door. 

When more women take our seats at the table, we change the world. Pretty much every social and environmental problem facing our world would be solved if women and girls had an equal voice in making decisions that impact all of us. I tip my hat to you for creating businesses that not only profit but seek to serve and empower others.