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Scrappy business owners and entrepreneurs need trusted tools to DIY their public relations. We hope these freebies help jumpstart your PR journey!

Learn how to get your brand seen by millions

Get the steps 6- and 7-figure businesses take to grow their visibility using PR.

One-page PR Plan

It doesn’t have to be complicated to work. If making headlines is part of your business goals this year, you need a plan for how to make that plan. Use this document to create a 1-page PR plan that will give you everything you need to grow your business’s visibility this year. 

How to Make Sure your Pitch is Newsworthy

The biggest gripe we hear from journalists is that PR people (and sometimes business owners or C-suite leaders) send them really, really bad pitches. Understand what makes a pitch newsworthy, and the common mistakes to avoid when reaching out to reporters with your pitch or press release.

Ultimate Launch Checklist

This is the list we wish we had during our first launch. The Ultimate Launch Checklist lays out everything you need to account for when planning your first, or fifth, launch. No more 3 a.m. wake-ups, Sunday scaries, or feeling lost about the next step to take in your launch.

Become a Sought-After Expert

What is “thought leadership” and why should you do it? This pdf download helps you get started on writing first-person guest commentaries that can help you be seen as a subject matter expert in your industry.

How to Pitch Journalists on Twitter

Twitter is not just a rabid cesspool of drama and political polarization, it’s also where all the journalists hang out! We’ve successfully pitched clients to TIME and the NYT through Twitter. When done well, it works. This handout helps break down how to use Twitter to build relationships with reporters and pitch your news to them through DMs.

Simple Media Kit for Underrepresented Leaders

Before you drop a pretty penny on a professional media kit, consider a DIY approach. This handout explains what to include in a simple media kit you can use to pitch reporters or podcast hosts.

PR Task Management Made Easy

Embracing Asana as the “source of truth” for all things related to PR and digital marketing for our business and the clients we serve was game-changing to growing our business. If you are wondering how in the heck to improve your business’s operations as it relates to PR and marketing, this handout is gold, baby!

The Scoop on Press Releases

You may have heard press releases are dead, and while that’s not totally true, they are an overused and usually ineffective PR tactic. Understand when to send out your news via press release and your options for using a wire service.

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