How to get your brand seen by millions


The steps 6- and 7-figure businesses take to grow their visibility using PR



Are you tired of being passed over for opportunities in the media, conferences, and podcasting while your peers and competitors seem to be killing it?
If you’re a woman who owns a business generating more than $1 million in annual revenue, you are part of just 2% of all business owners in America.

And if you also happen to be a person of color, particularly from Black, Latinx, or Native American heritage, and if you’re part of the LGBTQ+ community, you likely had to work at least twice as hard to make it this far.

Now that you’ve gotten your business this far, you’re ready to pour some gasoline on this fire you call your business and you want to use PR to do that.

Your story deserves to be told.

“Our growing firm loves working with Full Swing PR, a relationship we have valued for several years now. They are professional, dedicated, smart, and fun to be around. We trust Caitlin, Holly, and their team to plan and execute our PR and digital marketing with a clear and rational approach that is rooted in solutions.” 

Brenda Bookholtz, Full Swing Client

“Full Swing helped me solidify my new company’s messaging. During our kick-off call, they helped me redefine my goals so that I could create offers that would stand out in my industry. They helped me get into one of my dream outlets, Black Enterprise, in less than six weeks! I’ve learned so much about what makes me newsworthy and how to gain media attention before my book launch.”

Regina Lawless, CEO AND FOUNDER OF of Bossy & Blissful

“I’m a physician, not a marketer, so I was not at all sure where to start when it came to investing in PR. Full Swing took great care of me. They got me published in POPSUGAR, People, Brit + Co, and leading dermatology outlets. I’m grateful they saw my potential and helped me raise my visibility and credibility as a leader in my field.”

Dr. Fara Kamangar, DermGPT

Nothing boosts a stagnant business like PR. Be seen by more potential customers while also making your content marketing work harder for you.

To continue to scale your business, grow your visibility, and amplify the impact you make in this world, we’re inviting you to make PR your new best friend.

10 steps to more publicity will help you:

✔ Eliminate the overwhelm of PR and marketing so you can focus on your zone of genius, fielding the right opportunities instead of constantly questioning what to do next

✔ Know exactly how and where to pitch your business.

✔ Understand the type of PR help you may need (you’ve got options!)

✔ Wrap your brain around when you need to invest time and/or money in PR, particularly if you have a book coming out in the next year

✔ Bring in exponentially more leads to your business.

✔ Building outside credibility and authority that makes it easier to close sales.

The Most Sustainable Way To Grow

To grow your visibility exponentially, you need to show up in the news media in order to radically expand the number of people you reach and to build the credibility and authority that comes when you are seen as a subject matter expert in your field. 

Put simply, doing PR well grows your influence much faster than having weekly coffee dates or attending conferences ever could. 

If you’ve been on the fence about when and how to invest in marketing, and wondering why your competitors make headlines more often than you, it’s time to get serious about PR like the seven- or eight-figure badass business owner you are. 

Because PR encompasses all of the ways you show up for your potential clients in the wider world, growing your business with PR helps turn the right heads at the right time, filling your funnel with potential customers or donors, primed to buy or take action for your cause. 

Full Swing PR’s mission is to help underrecognized leaders be seen and sought after so they can reclaim their power and rewrite the human story.

Queer- and women-owned, our approach to PR is rooted in authenticity and elevating women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ voices of small business owners in the news media so that they can build the platform they need to do things like:

  • Transform the legal industry by offering 16 weeks paid parental leave and removing the equity partnership structure that disproportionately harms women lawyers.
  • Improve healthcare access and public education for more Americans.
  • Help women, LGBTQ+ and BIPOC run for public office.
  • Improve access to housing, healthy food, open space, and child care.
  • Sell more books than they ever thought possible, opening doors for new income streams and more media opportunities.

You’ve already done the hard part. You’ve created a product of service people want, something that transforms lives or at least makes life a heck of a lot easier.

And we’re here to help make scaling your business crystal clear with our 10 PR Steps You Should Take as a 7-Figure Entrepreneur.

This list is designed to help you know how to take aligned action and ask the right questions as you begin your PR journey. Whether that’s with us or another agency or freelance publicist, this guide will help demystify what goes into PR done well for businesses at your level.

What you’ll learn:

✔️ The exact steps we use with our clients at your revenue or higher to skyrocket their visibility and maximize the ROI on publicity.

✔️ If you should hire a Publicist or an agency and the main differences between the two.

✔️ How to ensure your PR strategy aligns with your business goals.

✔️ How to own your story, personally and as a brand, so you can better speak to your audience’s desires and fears.

✔️ Tips for setting realistic timelines for your next product launch, book release, or campaign launch.

✔️ Identify the best media opportunities and pitch angles to begin making headlines.

✔️ Why a three-to-five sentence email is plenty long for your pitch and how to follow up with relevant reporters without being annoying.

“Our growing firm loves working with Full Swing PR, a relationship we have valued for several years now. They are professional, dedicated, smart, and fun to be around. We trust Caitlin, Holly, and their team to plan and execute our PR and digital marketing with a clear and rational approach that is rooted in solutions.” 

Brenda Bookholtz, Full Swing Client

“This is the single best investment you can make this year. I have no clue how I would have gotten my launches together without Full Swing PR. It’s the perfect solution for business owners at every level but especially solopreneurs. Holly offered such amazing, in-depth expertise and coaching.”

Jordan Maney, radical joy coach

Client Results + Case Studies

Our clients have been featured in...

  • Inc. (1.4M readers worldwide)
  • Insider, Business (363M average monthly page views)
  • Harvard Business Review (11M visitors per month)
  • The Washington Post (75M readers in the US)
  • People Magazine (96M consumers worldwide)
  • Reworked (3 million readers worldwide)
  • The Thoughtful Entrepreneur (over 100k followers on social media)
  • The Chronicle of the Horse (442k+ unique visitors per month)

University of Washington School of Medicine - WWAMI

Client goal: To grow public awareness of the Idaho WWAMI medical school partnership and its impact in Idaho in order to maintain or increase public funding.


  • Placed 187 stories in 2022, most of which were full features not just quotes
  • Helped the partnership achieve its policy goals at the state level for three states
  • Created their first email marketing strategy and grew their subscribers to 1.9k
  • Increased Instagram and Facebook followers dramatically (one account was up 10,080% from 2021!)

Smith + Malek Attorneys

Client goal: Grow sales pipeline in priority practice areas and convert qualified leads into retainer clients in multiple locations


  • 20+ attorneys in two (almost three) states
  • 29 press mentions in 2022 (appx. $166,000).
  • Monthly email newsletter averaging 38% open rate and 7% click-through rate.
  • Added 742 new LinkedIn followers.
  • Average LinkedIn impressions per month: 11,000 people.
  • Average LinkedIn engagements per month: 326.

About FullSwing PR

Full Swing Public Relations is a public relations agency led by working moms that helps underrecognized leaders be seen and sought after so they can reclaim their power and rewrite the human story. Through our work, we help leaders from underrecognized groups fulfill their potential as subject matter experts, bestselling authors, keynote speakers, and political leaders.



Caitlin Copple (she/they) is the founding partner at Full Swing PR where she helps underrecognized leaders reclaim their power and rewrite the human story by building the public platform they need to be successful authors, speakers, business owners and political candidates. Caitlin’s clients have been featured in Fast Company, Inc. Forbes, New York Times, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, PopSugar, CNN, and many local and regional outlets. Caitlin has personally been featured in Inc., Idahome Magazine, Idaho Business Review (Accomplished Under 40 and Idaho Women of the Year), Scripps News, and podcasts including Ordinary Equality, PR Yourself with Leah Frazier, Pitchin’ and Sippin’ with Lexie Smith and Hello Seven with Rachel Rodgers. Caitlin has spoken at Alt Summit, Mom 2.0, and Andrus Center for Public Policy’s Women and Leadership Conference, among others. In 2011, she became the first openly queer person elected to the Missoula, MT city council. She lives in Boise, Idaho with her son Tollie.


Holly Conti (she/her) is co-owner and partner at Full Swing PR. She leads digital marketing efforts and brings over a decade of experience managing brand platforms in digital, television, and print media. She has led strategy and implementation for multiple six-figure earning e-courses and digital product launches. Her clients have earned six-figure book deals and more than $4 million in donations for their organizations. Holly got her start as a TV news producer in upstate New York managing guests like Gabby Bernstein, the Goo Goo Dolls and David Muir and remote segments with Kris Jenner and Jane Seymour. Holly has been featured on To Be Magnetic’s Expanded Podcast with Lacy Phillips and Jessica Gill, Rachel Rodgers’ Hello 7 Podcast, Authority Magazine, IdaHome Magazine and most recently spoke at the Mom 2.0 Summit. A certified yoga teacher and meditation expert, Holly lives in the Syracuse, NY area with her husband Aaron and young daughter, Eloise.

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