We don’t do spin.

Not Your Mama’s Publicist

Full Swing PR became a digital PR firm because that’s what delivers transformative sales results. Whether you are selling a product, service, or a cause or idea, we work with clients who care about impact. Traditional publicity may deliver eyeballs, but digital marketing is what helps you build a platform that can capitalize on all that attention and reel in the kind of clients you want to work with.

Our mission is to help leaders be seen and sought after so they can reclaim their power and rewrite the human story.

PR works best when it clearly communicates a line in the sand about who you are and who you’re not. Our approach is rooted in authenticity and elevating women, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ voices of business owners in the news media so that they can build the platform they need to do things like:

  • End racism in health care

  • Transform gender equity in the legal industry
  • Train primary care doctors in rural communities

  • Set the standard for green building in one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the country
  • Provide quality child care for all
  • Support survivors of sexual violence
  • Defeat anti-trans legislation

Growing your business’s visibility starts with owning your story, learning how to be the news, and understanding the relationship between PR, digital marketing, and sales.

PR is more than publicity.

Public relations is a lot more than getting a front-page story in the newspaper or going viral on Tik Tok. Publicity like this may get your name out there and capture attention, but many business owners mistake fleeting attention from the press as the sole solution to their sales problems.

Public relations is broader than publicity alone, and done well, it creates ways to capture the contact information of those who Google you after seeing you on TV or following you on Instagram. Full Swing PR offers digital marketing services because we know that’s the key ingredient to delivering bottom-line results from publicity. And, because PR is reputational, it doesn’t end after the article or news segment. PR encompasses all of the ways you show up for your potential clients in the wider world. 

Here are some of the reasons PR doesn’t work:

  • You can’t clearly articulate the problem your product or service exists to solve in one sentence.
  • Your brand messaging is non-existent or failing to reach your target audience.
  • Your website can’t effectively capture the attention a one-off news clip may deliver.
  • You have too many competing priorities to consistently communicate potential customers or clients.
  • Your agency doesn’t get your vibe or is trying to sell someone who just isn’t you.
  • You don’t understand what makes a story newsworthy to a publication.
  • You don’t understand the relationship between PR, marketing, and sales.

  • You have a super small team that doesn’t understand your vision or can’t set the strategy needed to deliver on it.

Say no to silos.

PR works when it’s part of a strategic communications plan that is fully baked into the operating structure of your business (and is not siloed off from digital marketing). Effective PR requires intention, strategy, and implementation. Having a good plan in place protects your time and energy, and invests in the future of your business because 70% of businesses that plan and stick to their plan see growth in sales year-over-year. Without a PR plan, you leave it up to others to define your voice, potentially sacrificing your sales and the power of your influence.

When clients build and implement a PR plan, they start seeing wins like:

  • Your lead magnet downloads quadruple after you made a podcast appearance.
  • A CEO’s LinkedIn impressions nearly double over 6 months.
  • A professional services firm attracts lateral hires who bring clients with them, adding revenue to the business.
  • Prospective customers seek out your services because they’ve seen that you are regularly publishing LinkedIn articles, winning business awards, and writing guest columns consistently over several months.

We work with clients in three ways:

  • Rocketship Retainer. We guide our annual retainer clients through all aspects of planning and executing their PR and digital marketing.

  • The CEO Spotlight that gives you a taste of what it’s like to have a done-for-you solution and ignites your visibility quickly.

  • The Publicity Booster where we co-create a six-month strategic communications plan and give you the tools to actualize it.

“Caitlin and the team at Full Swing PR are creative and critical problem solvers and strategic thinkings. I have never hesitated recommending them to business partners and associates.”

Christina Barsky,
SkyBar Solutions

“This program had everything I needed to have an amazing launch! My eyes have been opened to what it truly takes to attract quality leads and convert them through a funnel. I implemented the sales page & webinar suggestions for my high-ticket program and made $6k in just 3 days. I’m on my way to a 6-figure launch soon, I know it’s possible because of what I learned from Full Swing!”

Ariel Carr,
Ariel Carr Co.

“I am grateful for your ‘get shit done-ness.’ From the first call I had with you, you have relentlessly come at a challenge from a place of ‘yes, and‘ with the confidence required to actually execute.”

Erica Mackey,

“Our growing firm loves working with Full Swing PR, a relationship we have valued for several years now. They are professional, dedicated, smart, and fun to be around. We trust Caitlin, Holly, and their team to plan and execute our PR and digital marketing with a clear and rational approach that is rooted in solutions.”

Brenda Bookholtz,
Smith + Malek Attorneys

“You ladies are brilliant! Your deep understanding of politics has made this process so seamless. You did a really fantastic job.”

Senator Mona Das,
Washinton State Senate

“This is the single best investment you can make this year. I have no clue how I would have gotten my launches together without Full Swing PR. It’s the perfect solution for business owners at every level but especially solopreneurs. Holly offered such amazing, in-depth expertise and coaching.”

Jordan Maney,
Radical Joy Coach

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