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“People run countries when they are 35, so why not a business?” I told my husband, Jeff, as I noodled on my next career move. Our two-year-old was asleep in the next room and Jeff, a scratch golfer, was half-watching the Golf Channel on TV.

“You are one of those people who writes ‘highly motivated’ on your resume and it’s actually true,” he said. “Most people just say that to sound good, but not you.”

I laughed.

Whether it was losing my father at age 18, coming out, running for political office or having a child (the scariest and best decision ever), no matter how fast my heart is beating or my voice is shaking, some piece of my soul insists that I do the thing that frightens me.

So here goes.

Full Swing Public Relations is about me stopping evangelizing about women-owned businesses and becoming the woman who owns the damn business.

Full Swing is fundamentally about impact – my own and that of others.

I’m no pro golfer, but I play enough to know that if you don’t make a full swing, you won’t make the maximum impact. A tiny shift in the wrist, club face, or tempo can make a crucial difference. For me personally, the shift of working for myself means I own my time, and I own my location. For a working mom, these are not small things, and they taste like freedom.

The other thing about golf is that it is an individual sport, and now, here I am, a solopreneur. I like it that way – I can be picky about my partners and my clients without the drama and expense of employees or overhead. Yet, people rarely golf alone. It’s a social game that depends on integrity, civility and fairness. So is business ownership. At the end of the day, my clients get my work and hear my voice, because I’m the boss.

As the boss, here is my promise: I’ll show up with my full self every day, bringing authenticity, kindness, reliability, and fun to each client project.

Without a full swing, you can’t make full impact. I now have the ingredients to take my full swing, and I’d love to help you take yours.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]