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Build a 6-Month PR Plan and Give Your Team the Tools They Need to *Actually* Implement It

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Fast Company. New York Times. Good Morning America.

You know PR could make a big difference for your business, more awareness means more clients, right? But when it comes to marketing and PR, you feel overwhelmed by tactics and insecure about your team’s capacity to drive forward a winning strategy.

And, though you know PR could help you, is your business even big enough for PR? Isn’t PR only for celebrities and famous Instagram dogs?

You’ve built a successful seven- or eight-figure business. You know your clients or customers, and you know what you sell and how to sell it. Yet…

  • You wonder how much faster you could grow your business with a stellar communications plan, plus coaching to actually implement it

  • When it comes to marketing, you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up with the latest trends.

  • You worry your “personal brand” is borderline nonexistent, but you don’t want to build one that seems inauthentic.

  • You’d like to delegate PR to your staff, but worry your employees are too junior or too busy to craft and execute a PR strategy that keeps your sales pipeline full as you chart the next phase of your business’s future

  • You’ve even experimented with a publicist but felt like they didn’t really “get” you or your industry. You are just not “Hollywood”.

You’d carve out time for PR and marketing if:

  • It maximizes the ROI from the team you already have in place working hard on your business.

  • All you have to do is communicate your vision to your team and then your role is to show up and talk in the right places to the right people (with some prep help as needed, of course).

  • It delivers results that show it’s accelerating your company’s big vision. (Yes, there actually is a way to measure PR, we’ll show you how.)

  • It helps you own your story, building the platform you need to leave a positive legacy in the world.

  • It feels fun and makes you feel seen, empowered, and recognized for the expertise you’ve spent your entire career building.

  • You’re not sucked into the minutia like approving another Insta post or pretending to be someone you’re not through dance moves on TikTok.

Full Swing’s two-day virtual VIP Experience helps business owners like you unlock the power of their influence. Together, we’ll co-create your business’s six-month strategic marketing plan and best of all, we’ll train your team to actually implement it.

That’s where I
come in.

What’s included in a VIP Experience?

This private, customized client experience gives you and your team exactly what you need to build the foundation – or scale up – your digital marketing and PR to create bottom-line results for your business. You’ll unlock the power of your influence and learn how to maximize your impact in your industry. The CEO or business owner must attend all sessions. Other team members may join as needed.

Day 1: CEO Day

This is your time to shine as a visionary.

Connect the dots between your company’s overall business goals with the PR strategy needed to get you earning your next million dollars. By the end of this day, you’ll have a better sense of how your personal values and brand connect with that of your business. You’ll be able to succinctly explain what you do and why, and you’ll gain the tools your team needs so that they can do it too.

You’ll learn how to think like an editor to perfect your pitches, and together, we’ll write your first “thought leadership” article and show you how and where to pitch it.

Team members are welcome to join, but this day is focused on YOU. Here’s a breakdown of the day:

Be Seen (3 Hours)

Learn how to own your story, build or refine your key messages that are the foundation for all your brand communications, and how to pitch yourself to top-tier and regional media outlets. This session covers:

  • Own your story. By the end of this session, you’ll have three key messages that help you explain what you do and why to members of your target audience and the media. You’ll also receive your first 500-word thought leadership article and learn how to submit it to a relevant outlet.

  • Be the news. Understand the news so you can make headlines and perfect your pitch to impress journalists. We’ll craft three press-worthy pitches with you in real-time, and give you a “hot list” of 30-50 journalists who would be likely to cover you.

  • Trust your team. Develop and implement an editorial calendar to guide how and when your team reaches out to journalists, ensuring you are going after the right outlets at the right times with the right pitch angle.

  • Grow your business. We’ll look at everything you’re currently doing to generate leads, engage your audience, and convert them into customers. If you already have a sales funnel, think of this hour as a sales funnel audit and a chance to spend some uninterrupted time thinking through how to optimize it. Don’t have a formal funnel in place yet? Don’t worry, by the end of this hour, you will.

  • Communicate to close sales. Marketing and PR can generate leads, but sales is what puts the cash money in your pocket. Does your website prioritize sales through conversion copy? We’ll review your website and sales page and make recommendations for increasing conversions. Our recommendations will be tweaks that can be made within a week or less.

  • Sustain your sales. We have a 3-part email marketing approach that has positioned email as the #1 conversion tool for our clients. We’ll look at where you are in your approach to email marketing and give you recommendations for how to increase conversions through email. By the end of this session, your email marketing approach will engage your audience and grow your business year-round.

Be Sought After (3 Hours)

The #1 mistake we see with PR is that it exists in a silo, separate from the digital marketing your business may already do. This session helps you take advantage of the attention your PR attracts, and leverage it into your marketing and sales strategy to deliver real results over the next six months. This session covers:

The big deliverable.

At the end of Day 1, you’ll receive a 6-month communications plan that outlines the strategies we built together during your CEO Day. This 6-month plan will include your key messages, pitch angles, target audience personas, and sales funnel strategies. This is how you plan with confidence.

During day two, we’ll teach your team how to operationalize that plan so the PR magic can actually happen.

Day 2: Train Your Team

To take yourself out of the daily operations of your business, you need a strategic marketing plan that your team can actually implement. You need to be able to trust your team to operationalize the marketing vision you co-create on day one of your VIP Experience.

As the visionary guiding your business, you need an integrator, whether your team includes a couple of part-time employees or contractors or one to three full-time rockstars with competing priorities and many tasks on their plates. An integrator takes the CEO’s mission, vision, and plan and runs with it. In turn, the CEO must set the integrator up for success (we’ll help), empowering them with context and training to fully grasp your mission and vision. Integrators are most successful when they know exactly what they need to do when and have the tools they need to be most efficient at making your vision come to life and free up your time and brain space from drowning in details.

By the end of Day 2 you’ll uncover up to five hours a week of free time and be able to trust that your marketing is handled and you can focus on the aspects of your business (or your life) that light you up.

Train Your Team: Customize It (4 Hours)

Not every team has the same problem – which is why we have lots of solutions. To make Day 2 most useful to you and your team, choose three workshops to focus on.

  • Project Management for PR. We’ll train you in Asana* (our favorite project management software) and give you the exact template we use to drive strategic communications with our retainer clients and at Full Swing PR. In this workshop, we’ll identify how you can remove day-to-day busyness to focus on what is important, organize your team and move in unison to implement your PR plan. You’ll receive a roadmap for how to use Asana efficiently and customize it for your specific needs.
    * We highly recommend Asana, which is why we double down on this software. Our workshop can be applied to any project management software.

  • Measure Your Marketing. In our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard training, we’ll develop or optimize your KPI dashboard and teach you how to evaluate your PR and digital marketing performance over time against national benchmarks. If measuring the impact of your PR sounds daunting or impossible, this is what you need.

  • Pitch Perfect. On Day 1, we crafted three pitches to editors to help your business make headlines. If your team doesn’t feel confident pitching yet, we’ll spend an hour training them on how to pitch confidently. During this workshop, we’ll actually walk your team through sending the pitches we crafted on Day 1 to reporters.

  • Email Marketing 101. If the logistics of setting up email automation, tagging your audience, or segmenting your list feel overwhelming or unclear, choose this workshop. We’ll walk your team through how to operationalize your email marketing so that executing your email strategy is a breeze. We only offer this workshop to people using MailerLite or ConvertKit, and if you’re ready to switch, we’ll walk you through how to get it transferred and set up in the next workshop.

  • Transition Your Email Marketing Software. If you’re using MailChimp, stop right now (we promise we don’t get paid to say that). MailChimp has low deliverability rates and gets expensive as your list grows and requires more customization and segmentation. We’ll spend an hour setting you up ConvertKit or MailerLite and giving your team a plan for how to transition completely.

  • Get Social. Is your social media marketing lackluster or draining you? If you feel like your social content is reactive and doesn’t reflect your company’s vision, you need a social media strategy that your team can execute. We’ll create for you a content planning guide, a content calendar, and worksheet full of tools proven to help you sell on your priority social channel.

  • Content Mapping. Struggling to know what to say and when and how to repurpose your content across all your platforms, making it work for your business? During this workshop, we’ll create an outline for your social media content for the next 3 months, showing you how your email marketing, pitching calendar, LinkedIn or blogs, and social media can work together.

  • Hire the Best People. If there are gaps in your marketing team, we’ll recommend who you need to hire and how to attract them. You’ll receive job descriptions and sample scopes of work for publicist, agency, and in-house roles. We’ll help you identify the role you need to hire for, how and where to find people to fill the role, and provide interview questions and process recommendations to make sure you find the right person.

Final Close (1 Hour)

We’ll spend our final hour together talking through any final questions and wrapping up ideas and action items that came up during our two days together. We’ll also share our options for ongoing support.

Options for Ongoing Support

Included is a 60-minute coaching call 2-4 weeks after your VIP experience to help you stay on track and answer any questions that are coming up.

We’ve spent our entire careers helping women-led businesses and organizations tell their stories to create a better world. If you have the appetite to learn how to work smarter in your business’s marketing efforts, this private client experience is for you.

Fee: $20,000 for two days, completed within 7 business days of each other.
Payment plans are available.
All VIP Experiences are conducted via Zoom.

After your VIP Experience, we have additional options for ongoing support for you and your team.

We are limiting this offer to 3 client experiences per month.

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