Never trust a PR firm that doesn’t practice what they preach.

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    Stay In Love With Your Business with Caitlin Copple Masingill and Holly Conti

    Hello Seven Masterminders, Caitlin and Holly, and Full Swing Public Relations, focus on being the anti-mean girls of the PR world, acting as gate-openers for underrepresented leaders who’ve never been invited to the table. They’ve built a business around responsibility for their values and helping people of marginalized identities be seen, they’ve made a ton of money doing it, and they’re here to share all their secrets with you.

Stop reading the headlines others are making and own your story.
Let’s chat about what’s possible for you and your business through PR.

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Rocketship Retainer

We guide our annual retainer clients through all aspects of planning and executing their PR and digital marketing.

Authority Builder

The Authority Builder gives you a taste of what it’s like to have a done-for-you solution and ignites your visibility quickly.

Publicity Booster

We co-create a six-month strategic communications plan and give you the tools to actualize it.